This year has not been easy on gyms.  The lockdown has made us look for home alternatives and has forced companies like 7card, Romania's largest playground, to create online programs to help people keep on staying healthy and fit.
Come July, the gyms have reopened, but people were still shy about returning. They needed all the incentives they could get to start playing again. 
Enter glitch. Under the concept All the reasons to keep on playing, we've created a digital campaign that span multiple executions and targets. 
Illustrated by Mircea Pop, the campaign designed a world inspired by 8bit video games where one could try hundreds of online classes, the newly reopened gyms, the promotions with quirky prizes or even the mega-motivation video that had 100 trainers rooting for people to keep on playing for 8 straight hours. The video was animated by brilliant production house Colorbitor.  
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