7card I miss you campaign

You might not know it, but your body does. You might not feel it, but your body itches for it. You might not realize it, but you’re missing the running, the squashing, the TRXing, the jumping, the movement, the sports. Not to mention the gym, the socializing, the play, spice and everything nice and active. 

This is what our latest campaign for 7card is all about. How your body wants the action, before you yourself realize you do.

Videos produced by Bread Content and directed by Bogdan Theodor Olteanu.
Tagged with the simple yet effective line, You miss the gym!, the integrated campaign accesses the possibilities of each medium and draws on multiple insights to breed this insightful, humorous and motivating series of executions. 

Illustrations by Sinboy.
Written as love letters to the things we never thought we’d miss, the radio ads have been a delight to produce. Romanian version only, watchout, they feature real, raw, passionate feelings for… sweat, pain and endorphins.
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