Hospice - Casa Speranței

Hospice Casa Speranței is the NGO that introduced Romania to the concept of palliative care way back in 1992. Until now, it has brought relief to more than 34.000 adults and kids through dedicated centers around Bucharest & Brasov and Romania’s only service of palliative homecare.
Late in the summer of 2019, Hospice asked Glitch to help with a campaign that would make people and companies donate to fund the efforts of its homecare service – a service indispensable to many terminally ill patients.
Our concept was as simple as it was broad, allowing us to produce a large number of content pieces. We asked ourselves what makes people usually donate – is it the sadness, is it the responsibility, is it the need to do some good? And what we found out was that everybody has their own reason, all of them as valid, all of them as valuable. The Reasons to Donate campaign was born.
We started with a TV ad shot in and around Hospice patients’ homes. The ad dives deep into one of the most touching reasons to donate – to help people remain and get treatment at home. The ad is an ode to what a home means to people: the history, the emotions, the moments.
Online, a digital campaign comprising of more than 30 reasons to donate was produced using insights from patients, donors, doctors, nurses and Hospice staff. The graphic design borrows from protest aesthetics to prompt swift action.
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