Dilema Veche (The Old Dilemma) is a Romanian weekly magazine that covers culture, social and political topics. 
And once every two years they invite Romania’s elite to join them in the Alba Iulia fortress for a 3-day festival chock-full of debates, lectures, conferences, concerts, theatre plays and all things cultural. 
Glitch was commissioned to create the festival’s identity and communication for the 2013 edition. 
Together with Noper, we’ve created an identity system for all the various arts and culture activities happening during the three days drawing inspiration from Dilema Veche always curious and dilemmatic editorial stance. ​​​​​​​
The TV and online films developed with director Radu Jude and production house Wearebasca, build on the festival goers indecision whether to go or not to the festival, the typical but humorous thought process of weighing in the pros and cons of leaving your dailies and going to an event 400 km away from Bucharest.
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