iBelieve is an art project and a tech-art experiment investigating the micro-rituals that generate faith. An inner and outer 30-days journey through an app that helps you explore your relationship with yourself, the world around you & your own beliefs. iBelieve draws its inspiration from pagan rituals, DADA-type actions, childhood superstitions, mindfulness ideas and daily routines. 
The visual identity and design of the app draws inspiration from various spiritual iconographies, bringing together the simple lines used in the icons & design elements and the lavish, complex, colorful collage illustrations that visualize the user journey through the 4 sections of the app. 
8 main character archetypes (with its own avatar) generate over 96 unique collages according to answers given by the users to the daily tasks. 
Aside from the journey for your own faith (no spoilers, try it!), the app includes a lounge area where one can create one’s own soundscape, by mixing various channels of sound. 
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