Director Iulia Rugină enlists the very talented actress Ioana Flora to tell the story of Alexandra, a woman caught between her dreams and reality. The tale of personal discovery in a country trying to find its own identity took us to a sparse space populated by illusion, a place many of us find ourselves these days. The director found the poster visual so compelling that she decided to use it as a backdrop for the end of the play.
World within
Based on two short stories by English writer John Elson and directed by Catinca Draganescu, World Within is a one woman show about the strange and irrational experiences that transform our lives. The incredible actress Valentina Zaharia dives deep into the recesses of the character’s life, from childhood to the present, to discover the treasure trove of moments that would shape her existence. Glitch’s very own creative director illustrated the character’s inner life, all that lies underneath the surface and defines everything we do.
Back into winter
Two half-brothers reunite in Bucharest to find a country in turmoil. Is evil passed down from generation to generation? Can you escape a legacy you want nothing to do with? Written and directed by Andreea Bortun and played by award-winning actress Cosmina Stratan and Alexandru Ion, the play tries to answer questions as delicate and as hard as killing a father. Shot by Cosmin Gogu, retouched by Serban Vasilescu, the poster visual takes on Guercino’s painting of Salome receiving the head of John the Baptist.
A few conversations about a very tall girl
"There are no lesbians in my home town!"
Written and directed by Bogdan Theodor Olteanu, the film tells the story of an impossible love, in a Romania ripped apart by prejudice. Silvana Mihai and Florentina Nastase beautifully navigate the pains and pleasure of lesbian love in a delicate and endearing portrait of affection. Shot by Iulian Nan and designed by Glitch’s very own Ana Maria Dudu, the poster conveys this sense of closeness and distance that permeates the 90 minutes of this Romanian first. 
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