In March on Women’s day, HBO launched RUXX, a show so true to Bucharest, to contemporary feelings, to diversity and recent relevant themes that might almost be indistinguishable from reality.
We started with the thought of inviting real brands to join the campaign but then we took it further, thinking that we could also do the reverse process of bringing the fiction into reality.
This gave us the possibility to have copy driven ads that stay true to the show and characters while being present in special placements and not only.
The visual style of the ads blends the visual aesthetics of the “product” combined with elements from the city, transforming RUXX into an octopus brand with various products all over town.
Cărturești bookstores had visually integrated book covers signed by RUXX  in their windows during March, when their theme was Japanese culture.
As a bonus, for some of the most curious of their customers, free notebooks with this design were offered on the spot. Don’t forget to procrastinate!
Floria, one of the largest flowershops partnered with us online and offline.
Some of the tactics included flower bouquets named by RUXX and designed by their team to express tension / duality, along with 9 types of postcards to be grabbed for by anyone who doesn’t find the right words to send a message.
Introducing Barbo ,  the one that plays with words. We took her bespoke messages for a walk in the city and created neon signs that stopped in some of Bucharest’s hot-spots.
It’s more fun to commute. Not. So we took over the most corporate subway line, direction -   business centers, and filled it with career focused messages, but with a twist! And of course, using some classic layouts that you can usually find on job offers.
Back again to our girl Barbo, we created totes with her not-so-motivational quotes to emphasise the overall interior conflicts RUXX has.
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