The Morality Stoplight

We were invited by HBO Romania to create a non-standard communications campaign to launch and promote their new original series, Tuff Money.
Set in a small, generic, town in Romania, the characters in Tuff Money face their own morality and corruption. So we asked ourselves, how do you get an audience to face its own morality in a comms campaign?
Watch the presentation movie for the full rundown of the campaign.
The Morality Stoplight website was the place for taking the morality test, see the results of the national survey or get info into the new HBO series.
A special section would recommend other HBO shows based on your moral profile.
Infographics designed to present the results of the national survey on morality.
Insta stories teaser.
Sample shares of morality profiles generated by the website.
The Morality Stoplight campaign has been a collaborative effort between Glitch, main strategy & creative lead, and a bunch of partners that helped us make it happen: Exact Business Solutions, research design and implementation; Nexio Web, website & interaction devs; Interrobang Studio, information design; Mediacom, media agency.
The campaign generated much buzz and attention, amounting to over 17 mil impressions, 21k clicks & ~2.5 mil reach. 13,500 people answered the Morality Stoplight survey and ~3,000 shared their results in Social Media. Overall, the Morality Stoplight campaign had a 5.5% engagement rate which puts it in Top 5 best HBO campaigns in Romania.
The campaign won a Gold Effie at the Effie Festival in 2021 and bronze at Webstock Awards so far.
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